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11 Bright Reasons to Install Solar Wall Outdoor LED Lights in 2021

Want your house outdoor to be smart, super-bright, and energy-efficient? Are you looking for solar wall outdoor LED lights? Then this is for you!

Have you ever been to a place as bright as an amusement park? We believe we haven’t been to one either. Besides the thrill of the adrenaline-boosting rides, the super colorful and bright lights breathe life into all of us – awakening our inner child and encouraging it to take over! Well, how about getting your home an even brighter outdoor light? If you were looking for the best solution for outdoor lighting, nothing will ever match the quality and value that solar wall outdoor LED lights bring to the table. And we have our reasons as well – ELEVEN of them!

Solar wall power LED light brings the best quality and value for your money. It is easy to install and has the brightest illuminance, high energy efficiency, waterproof casing, motion detection, scientific light distribution, better maneuverability, dusk to dawn settings, and monocrystalline solar charging.

What are Solar Wall Outdoor LED Lights?

Solar wall outdoor LED lights are the perfect choice for someone who is looking to have a bright outdoor with extra security. These lights have safety features that trigger alarm systems in case of an emergency. Solar wall outdoor LED light is a smart solution to modern-day outdoor lighting problems. They work on solar power and an automation program that allows it to automatically turn on at dusk. The best thing about these outdoor solar LED lights is that they are super easy to install!

Where can you install solar wall outdoor LED lights?

You can install solar wall outdoor LED lights outside wherever you want. Since these are outdoor solar lights, we highly recommend you install them at places where there is access to sunlight. Our solar wall outdoor LED lights are perfect for the front door, garden (if you are from the UK), backyard, garage, or deck. In short, place them where there’s sun and they’ll function perfectly fine.

11 reasons to buy solar wall outdoor LED light

1.   Easy to install

These outdoor wall lights are super easy to install. Believe us, you don’t need any tools for installing them! They need no wires and no power supply. The installation height for these LED lamps is approximately 2 to 3 meters. All you have to do is place a screw into the wall where you want to install the LED light. Now, just slide the fixture through the screw and tighten it up with another screw.

2.   Highly energy efficient

When you are investing in outdoor lights, always keep energy consumption in mind. Although this factor alone can make solar-powered LED lights a stand-alone product, you will never be disappointed by the readings on your electricity bill. These are highly energy-efficient solutions that provide luminance up to 2000lm. And since they are solar-powered, you can definitely rely on them for a long time.

3.   Monocrystalline Solar Charging

Solar-powered devices are in trend and the demand is exceedingly high for solar wall outdoor LED lights. The solar charging on these devices is fulfilled by monocrystalline silicon solar panels that are premium solar products. These have higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics than their cheaper counterpart, polycrystalline solar panels.

4.   Scientific light distribution

The self-adjusting LED lights are the first choice for customers that want their outdoors to have smart lighting management. The scientific light distribution allows these solar wall outdoor LED lights to function through a precise body temperature sensor that brightens up the area that needs the most illumination. This smart technology allows the LED lights to optimize energy consumption.

5.   High sensitivity PIR sensor switches

PIR or Passive Infrared Sensor is an electronic motion sensor that allows the solar LED light to detect the objects in the surrounding. These sensors are state-of-the-art and are only placed in high-quality lamps. Our solar wall outdoor LED light has a PIR sensor too that emits infrared radiation, helping it detect people, animals, and other inanimate objects outside your home.

6.   Moves horizontally and vertically

These lights can move horizontally and vertically on their own. The military-grade motion sensors allow them to detect the people entering and exiting your house, backyard, or garage. The moment it detects motion, it uses its in-built motors to move up and down or sideways to brighten up the path.

7.   Waterproof casing (IP65)

Isn’t this obvious? These high-quality solar-powered LED lights need to be waterproof since they function out in the open. The IP65 rating on these outdoor lights makes them a perfect choice if you live in an area that encounters heavy rain.

8.   Three operating modes

Our solar wall outdoor LED lights have three operating modes in total. The modes can be changed by using the key pin that is inserted into a small hole on the front of the light. Once you quickly press the button in the small hole, you can choose one of these three modes:

You can turn on or shut off the light by pressing in the same hole and holding it for 1.5 seconds.

9.   Dusk to dawn settings

The dusk to dawn photo sensor makes it super simple for the LED lights to function. The photosensor detects light and once the sun sets, it switches on or increases the intensity of brightness. This is helpful as it uses automation – making your life easier.

10. Keeps criminals away

The sensors installed in the solar wall outdoor LED lights do a fine job at detecting people. In other words, if you happen to live in a neighborhood prone to crime, these LED lights can keep you safe. It deters invaders as the light turns on the moment someone is at your front door.

11. Protects your garden

Lastly, it keeps your garden or backyard extremely safe. Thanks to its military-grade motion sensors and ability to maneuver, the lights can keep unwanted animals away from your house. Most importantly, if you have a valuable object in the garden, these lights can keep them protected. If anyone will try to steal it or even stand nearby, the lights will switch on – functioning as an active alarming system.

Make Your Outdoor Shine!

You will never go wrong with solar wall outdoor LED lights. They guarantee the best solutions and are jam-packed with value. These solar-powered outdoor LED lights are products that you can rely on and the above-mentioned eleven points are a testimony to that. So, what are you waiting for? Turn your house outdoor into a ‘Smart Outdoor’ today!

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