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[100% Working] 1 Click Transfer Data from iOS to Android



Got a new Android device recently and need to transfer data safely from your old iPhone or iPad to an Android device? There are surplus iOS to Android transfer tools to accomplish the task. So, if you are looking out for the best ones, then today’s article is absolutely for you. Yes, get to know the three best one-click iOS to Android transfer software that 100% works.  

Part 1: Best 1 Click Transfer Data from iOS to Android software               

Look at this session to know the best 3 iOS to Android transfer software we have in store.                 

1. Visdee Phone Transfer

Recognized by Techradar, PC World, Macworld, CNET, and Softpedia, Visdee Phone Transfer is the fast and reliable iOS to Android transfer solution. Categorized under the 1-click phone to phone transfer software, you can transfer 20+ data types between 20000+ Apple and Android devices, including the latest models. Migrating iOS data like WhatsApp chat, Safari bookmark, playlist, music, videos, and photos without iTunes/iCloud backup is possible with Visdee supporting backup/restore action.


  • Unlimited data transfer/backup across mobile devices.
  • 20000+ mobile device support, including the latest Android and iOS models.
  • Fast, stable, and smooth data transfer solution without internet connectivity.
  • Transfer, backup, restore, and export WhatsApp between iOS & Android.
  • Backup 20+ data types without iCloud or iTunes.

2. PanFone Data Transfer

Loaded with countless attractive features like the fast backup of iOS and Android data to PC, cross-platform transfer, 8000+ device support, and so on, PanFone Data Transfer is our next iOS to Android transfer application. Destined to support 15+ data types including notes, voicemail, calendar, call logs, apps, eBook, audio, iMessages, and a lot more, with PanFone Data Transfer, you can also sync iTunes library onto your new Android device from iOS.


  • Provides 3 modes of data recovery – local, iTunes, and iCloud backup.
  • Supports 8000+ Android, Google, and Apple devices.
  • Access iTunes library for playlists, music, and videos.
  • Transfer multiple files like eBook, call logs, photos, videos, and so on.
  • Backup iOS/Android data in 1-click to a computer.

3. Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer

Following a simple 3-step methodology to transfer data between iOS and Android, Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer is an efficient, trustworthy solution that transfers data with 100% security. Being an ultimate tool to transfer all sorts of data from iPhone to Android without data loss, Gihosoft Phone Transfer provides free lifetime support and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well for its users.

[Alt: “gihosoft phone transfer”]



  • Effectively transfer data between iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.
  • Supports 1000+ popular Android, and Apple devices.
  • The time-saving process with selective data transfer.
  • 100% Risk-free with no data loss or leakage.
  • Backup/restore phone data to your computer hassle-free.  


As your old iOS data is more valuable, choosing the best iOS to Android transfer tool is essential. Thus, with an introduction to the best 3 100% working 1-click data transfer software, I hope your search has come to an end. From our side, Visdee Phone Transfer is the top recommended!

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HOW to clean water tank




Cleaning the water tank can be a daunting task, but it is important to ensure that the water inside is kept clean and free of bacteria. You should clean the water tank at least once a year. Over time, the water tank will produce algae, silt and bacteria, all of which can be harmful if not taken care of. [1] When cleaning the water tank, proper procedures should be followed to drain, clean the inner wall and disinfect the water tank. By following these methods, you can be confident that your water is as clean and safe as possible.

Draining the Water Tank

1- Open the outlet valve or tap. The first step in cleaning the water tank is to empty all the water in the water tank. To do this, open the water outlet valve or the tap at the bottom of the water tank to let all the water flow out.

Connect the hose to the open valve to direct the water to a location where it will not cause any local flooding or erosion.

The permanent tank has a flush valve located at the bottom of the tank.

If your tank is permanent and contains a flush valve, use it to empty the tank instead of a regular outlet valve or faucet.

2 – Scoop out the water at the bottom of the water tank with a bucket. Since the outlet valve or faucet is usually located above the bottom of the water tank, you may need to remove some of the remaining water from the water tank after emptying the water tank. To do this, use a bucket to scoop out as much water as possible. Once the water at the bottom is too shallow to be scooped out with a bucket, please use a plastic cup or coffee cup to continue scooping out.

3 – Remove any remaining water. You may not be able to scoop out all the water by using a bucket or cup. Use one of the following methods to remove the remaining water:

Use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the remaining water.

If you have a small water tank and can dump it safely, you can do this to drain the remaining water in the tank.

Once you remove the very small amount of water from the water tank,

Cleaning the Inside of the Water Tank

We would like to point out that one of the countries that is most interested in the process of cleaning tanks is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through  شركة تنظيف خزانات بجدة, as tanks are a primary and main source for storing water in daily use.

You can use a towel to absorb the remaining water

Make a cleaning mixture. Although you can remove a lot of deposits and residues in the tank without using a cleaning mixture, using one can help make the job easier. Just mix hot water with washing powder or liquid detergent to make cleaning liquid

Scrub the inside of the water tank. Regardless of whether you use a cleaning fluid, you can use a stiff brush or abrasive sponge to scrub the inside of the water tank. Move your arm horizontally from one side to the other while applying a lot of pressure on the brush or sponge. Continue to do this throughout the inside of the tank until as much mucus and sludge are removed as possible.

You may need to use a long-handled brush, depending on the size of the tank. This type of brush may be more difficult to handle, but it allows you to reach the bottom of the tank safely. If you are using a long-handled brush, you may need to move the brush up and down

Avoid using brushes made of steel bristles or sponges. Plastic is easy to scratch, these materials may be too rough for plastic water tanks

Use a powerful washing machine. You can also use an electric washing machine to clean the inside of the water tank. You can use the electric cleaning machine alone or in combination with the cleaning of the inside of the water tank, depending on the difficulty of removing deposits and residues. [6] There are many sizes and strengths of high-pressure cleaners, but the one with a pressure range of 1,300 to 2,400 psi is best for most housework. Please follow the steps below to clean the inside of the water tank with an electric washing machine:

Fill the electric washing machine with water or cleaning fluid.

First place it about four feet away from the surface you want to clean. Get closer until you find the best distance to remove dirt, deposits, and debris.

Hold the pressure washer so that the water hits the inner wall of the water tank at a 45 degree angle.

Continue to do this until you have satisfactorily removed all the dirt and sludge on the wall of the water tank.

Pressure washers are very powerful, so always wear goggles when using them, never point them at others or animals, and follow all other safety regulations. Before using your washing machine, it is also a good idea to have someone who knows electric washing machines teach you how to start and use them

Use baking soda on particularly dirty walls. If you cannot remove all the deposits and dirt on the inner wall of the water tank, try sprinkling baking soda on the wall of the water tank, and then scrub with a brush or sponge

Scrub corners and joints. When scrubbing, please pay special attention to the corners and seams of the water tank. Residues trapped in these areas may be difficult to clean, so you may need to spend a little more time in these areas.

Rinse thoroughly. Once you are satisfied that you have cleaned most or all of the residue inside the tank, you need to rinse it very thoroughly. It is best to use hoses to spray the interior walls to ensure access to all corners. You can also use a pressure washer filled with clean water to perform this operation.

Disinfecting the Water Tank

  • Alternatively, you can flush the water tank by filling it with hot water and letting it sit for several hours. Empty the water tank to ensure that the discharged water is collected and safely disposed of. Repeat this process until there is no detergent and sediment in the water
  • Use vacuum to remove remaining liquid and residue. Some water tanks may not allow you to drain all the liquid in them. For example, if your water tank is too large to tilt and spray out, you may not be able to spray all the detergent and residue out of the tank. To remove these residues, you can use the hose attachment of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck it out.
  • Add chlorine bleach to the water tank. Next, add chlorine bleach to the water tank at a ratio of 50 ppm (parts per million) to the amount of water. Please follow the guidelines below to determine how much household chlorine bleach (5% bleach) to use in your water tank:
  • Fill the rest of the water tank with water. After adding an appropriate amount of bleach, fill the water tank with clean water. This will mix the bleach with the rest of the water in the tank.
  • Leave the mixture in the tank for 24 hours. After filling the tank with chlorine and water, leave this solution in the tank for 24 hours. Make sure that no one is in contact with the solution during this time, as it may be harmful to people and animals.
  • Regularly check the chlorine content of the solution. Within 24 hours of placing the solution in the water tank, use a chlorine strip to periodically check the solution to see the chlorine content. You want to maintain a measurable chlorine reading during the entire 24 hour period. To check this, immerse one end of the chlorine strip in the solution and follow the instructions on the package to determine how much chlorine is present.
  • We also find interest in cleaning work and a constant passion for requesting house cleaning services in the city of Jeddah through شركة تنظيف بجدة , in the interest of citizens for the ongoing cleaning work.
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Everything you need to know About water pump bearings




Water pump bearings are one of the essential accessories of a car engine. Especially nowadays, advanced cars are trying to minimize noise and heat production. But, alongside better and eco-friendly machines, companies can not compromise with the sole goal. We are talking about mileage and speed here. Minimum engine heating with a maximum running rate is a very tough goal to achieve. Water pump bearing manufacturers companies made it possible for the car industry. A water pump bearing is nothing but an elongated part that blocks overheating. The mechanism is simple. Pump bearings will run cold water through the engine and prevent heat leakage In the engine surface by creating an effective seal. Here in this article, we will discuss the building design of water pump bearings. Also, we need to understand the primary mechanism of action of these pump bearings.

Built-up design

A water-bearing pump has two screws on both sides to provide an adequate water seal. There is a wide spacing between two screws to provide enough space to roll. One side of the water-bearing has a ball-to-ball variety of joints. The other side has a ball-to-roller type coordination with the stem. Usually, there is a groove of attachment in the middle of the shaft. This groove will help the bearing stay inside the engine and prevent coming out during shock or heavy forcing on the machine. The post has a very calculated and safe gravitational point. It allows the shaft to be stable and prevent breakage under high pressure. Also, after staging the bearing in space comes the high functioning seal that holds the grease leakage inside. Otherwise, the grease will come out and interfere with the water cooling process. But, oil is also essential to prevent heat leakage and to overheat the engine. So, mainly we use triple lip seals nowadays to ensure a high-quality barrier. This seal helps to cool the machine with cold water on one side. On the side, the grease will prevent overheating. So, it is essential to choose an excellent quality water pump bearing for your car. It is a necessary investment if you want to run your vehicle longer without any complications.

Other bearing varieties

Once we solve the issue of overheating and engine cooling, then comes the noise issues. Engine noise is one of the most important sectors to grab the car market nowadays. Famous brands are offering almost zero sound Interruption during the drive. At least these companies are trying to achieve zero noise protocol. Let us know the ways a car can reduce engine noise while driving. Fag bearing manufacturer has the answer. Ball bearings help you to achieve less noise with maximum engine capacity. There are two varieties of ball bearings available in the market, depending on the outlook. One is the deep groove ball bearing, and the other is the axial ball bearing. The deep groove ball can have a single or double row on the shaft. A single-row deep groove bearing is more helpful in racing grounds, and It can take moderate to very high speeds. The double grooves are generous when the single tracks can not accommodate the pressure anymore. Usually, the single grooves are capable of taking both the axial and radial forces while driving. But, if the radial forces increase over the threshold limit, then the double rows work better. FAG also manufactures axial ball bearings. These axial bearings can have both single and double axial designs. While deep grooves are susceptible to radial pressure, axial ones work better for the axial pressure angles.

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A Mother’s Memoir About Prison and Living With Her Husband



Avielle Janelle Hernandez is currently the subject of many conversations. Most notably, her controversial “Coco Chanel and Her World” series caused a sensation in both fashion worlds. For the past few months, she has been criticized for posting pictures on her blog showing her with her mother, father and two other women. The pictures were purportedly taken in countries such as Morocco and India. The controversy began when bloggers claimed that the woman in the pictures was not really Coco Chanel.

The original blogs stated that the woman in the pictures was actually an employee of the Chanel fashion house who had worked with Avielle for the past 18 years. The woman in the photo alongside Avielle was identified as Mrs. Yaphet, and Avielle claims that she is a former Miss America contestant who is now an executive assistant to her mother, Mrs. Yaphet. According to the blogger who started the original thread, Yaphet gave birth to Avielle in Thailand five months ago. She then went on to say that the two are now living in New York City.

While it has been established that Yaphet was present during the birth of Avielle, there have been indications that she may be the instigator of the entire situation. Initially, Yaphet posted a status stating that she was in town to tend to a sick relative but then posted a picture of herself and villa on Instagram. When asked about the image, the mother of the two denied any knowledge of Yaphet and promptly removed the photo from her Instagram page.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was quick to take advantage of the situation and use the opportunity to promote herself on both Instagram and her own website. She has already released several songs off her upcoming album, which include sample verses from her “amarie” song where she sings about meeting her lover in jail. Her own website states that she will be releasing another song called “Tears” on Tuesday, the same day as the original release of her first song, while several other songs from her new album have been shared across the internet.

It seems that the real motivation behind the racy pictures and posts was a need to attract more attention to the singer. The original post included a plea for someone to find Avielle and bring her home to America. There is no suggestion that the woman in the photograph is in actual fact the mother of the star, nor does anyone know if she is an American football player or an actress. There are however many people of interest in the arrest of this woman including American football team coach Urban Meyer. Reports suggest that Meyer is consulting with the prison authorities to try and get his star player out of the country.

Whether this woman is innocent or not remains to be seen. While posting degrading and sometimes racist pictures online may seem like an innocent enough thing to do, she has been doing it for quite some time now. She has also posted pictures of herself in the same prison as Neiman Marcus’ David Beckham. While it is unclear what exactly she wishes to do with her celebrity status, she is certainly not spending millions of dollars a year on a private jet to fly around the world to see her children.

It seems that Avielle Janelle Hernandez is using her fame to get out of a tough situation. She may be using the prison letters, to get back at her former lover by posting degrading and flirtatious pictures as a way to stir up gossip, as well as a way to try to get her former lover to stop contacting her and keep quiet about the problems that she is having in her marriage. While this is probably a good strategy for her and one that is likely working to some degree, it will not help her in trying to come to terms with her problems as a whole. Hopefully, after reading her recent autobiography, it will make more sense of what went wrong for Avielle Janelle Hernandez and let her begin to work through the problems that she is facing.

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Does Your Site Need Enterprise SEO?




To understand whether your site needs enterprise SEO, you need to understand the true meaning of an enterprise company. Any huge corporation with more than a thousand products is known as enterprise companies which can be a global 2000 or fortune 1000 company. But it is not the company size that affects the enterprise, but if your website has more than a thousand products to be displayed, then it requires these services. Any reputed organization of SEO in Sydney will help you to implement it if your site needs it.

Is Enterprise SEO Really Needed In Today’s World?

It is not necessary that all the major industrial companies should possess a big and intricate website. Many medium-sized websites include about 600-700 indexed pages that fall under fortune 1000 companies. Many skilled webmasters or SEO practitioners remain confused about whether to call these sites enterprise websites because these smaller sites can also benefit from enterprise SEO techniques, but they are not big websites.

Maximum of these sites contain fully functional pages on financial reports and press releases. The opposite statement is also true that you don’t have to be a big profitable company to benefit from enterprise SEO as smaller companies are using and benefitting from these techniques.

You can even consider the classic example of T-Mobile that has a dedicated page for each of its mobile phones. So, it is not the size of the company but the huge website with thousands of pages that make it an enterprise site. To determine the line between non-enterprise and enterprise websites, another huge point is holding authority. Naturally, a site would pass onto deeper pages with higher PageRank if it has authority factors like external links.

Keyword Selection For Implementation Of Enterprise SEO

There are certain hallmarks for implementing Enterprise SEO that are followed by any organization of SEO in Sydney. Let’s go on and discuss a few of them. Keywords selection should be made in such a way that it is divided into subcategories and categories and are usually higher or medium-sized keywords. These can be made into long-tailed keywords by combining them with other words.

Why Is Implementation Of Automated Rules Important?

Large enterprises would need you to create a set of automated and flexible rules to load content into multiple web pages. At least the title tags, URLs, navigation links, H1, and canonical tags should be created with automation.

Why Are Templates Required For Implementing Enterprise SEO?

Templates are those blueprints that contain code snippets for your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The content management system grabs the right content by identifying the code snippets from a large number of templates present in a database. It is the same when you work with WordPress, as you don’t have to optimize every site page because templates already have predefined metadata, title tag, alt tags, and more.

Empty database sections can even create holes in the created content, which is the last thing that you want in your business website. They need to be flexible enough to adjust accordingly and identify the spaces where data is not present. The site should be compatible enough to fit in different varieties of images for every separate page.


You can get stock content from suppliers to keep your website updated, but many organizations have the same content supplier. So, your website will end up having the same content as several sites on the internet. Any skilled SEO in Sydney would suggest you make new relevant content by rewriting the stock text, which can help increase PageRank. There are many ways in which you can optimize the enterprise site, and these are just a few of them with which you can get started.

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How to Carry Pepper Spray: A Personal Protection Guide




Not sure how to use your pepper spray?

Getting pepper spray is a no-brainer if you need personal protection. Pepper sprays are inexpensive, with most options costing $40 or less.

Pepper sprays are small and easy to carry and use. It’s legal to carry across all states with some minor restrictions. After all, you can fend off multiple attackers without causing permanent damage.

The problem is the lack of training requirements for this self-defense product. You’re unlikely to know the best usage habits.

You must learn certain practices to better defend yourself. Read on for our guide on how to carry pepper spray.

How to Use Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are for fending off an attacker. They can distract or incapacitate an assailant and give you time to escape.

However, pepper sprays have no guaranteed stopping power. An assailant can still grab, punch, stab, or shoot you.

The spray will also agitate them. Hence, they’re not as effective when your assailant is either drunk or insane.

Regardless, if you’re walking somewhere unsafe, have your hand on the spray and your finger on the trigger. Most spray canisters have an effective range of 3 to 10 feet. It depends on whether the spray discharges a mist or a stream.

When the situation arises, spray directly at the assailant’s face. Never spray it at a crowd in small spaces.

Be alert whenever you feel the need to use pepper spray. It helps if you grab the pepper spray fast. At the same time, it’s harder for an assailant to surprise you.

After spraying an assailant, avoid contact with them. The spray is oily and might transfer to you. After spraying, run away and call the police.

How to Carry Pepper Spray

It’s best to carry the largest-sized pepper spray around, as long as it’s practical and legal. Most 2 ounce canisters are 4 inches long, with a diameter of an inch. It’s small enough to clip it on a purse or belt.

If it’s somehow inconvenient or impractical, a pepper spray keychain may be ideal. It’s a good setup because you’re less likely to forget it.

You can also carry a pepper spray gun. Check out for more information about the best Mace pepper sprays around.

Avoid carrying pepper spray in your pocket unless you have no other choice. You’re unlikely to get the spray from your pocket fast enough. Another reason is you’re ikely to forget the spray, especially when changing your pants.

Remember, most physical assaults happen in a blink of an eye. Victims often have a second or two to react at most. Timing is a crucial factor in learning how to carry pepper spray.

Here are other great places to keep your pepper spray.

In a Purse

For women, it’s obvious to carry the pepper spray in a purse. However, most forget the right placement for easier access.

Never let the canister sit at the bottom together with your other things. Otherwise, you’ll take time finding and getting the spray. It’s enough time for an assailant to overpower you or steal your purse.

If you’re carrying it in a purse, clip the spray to the front of an inside pocket, divider, or flap. It’s still inside the purse while allowing you to easily access, pull out, and use it within seconds.

Hold the spray inside your purse as you’re walking. An ideal purse has a long strap slung over the shoulder. An assailant might hesitate if they see you’re prepared.

On a Fanny Pack

An alternative to carrying the spray in a purse is a small waist bag or a fanny pack. The belt of a fanny pack makes it ideal for clipping on a can of pepper spray. An assailant is also less likely to snatch off your fanny pack.

However, if you carrying a spray on a fanny pack, don’t make it too visible. You don’t want to lose the element of surprise. Conceal it with a coat, sweatshirt, or jacket to ensure no one can steal it.

On Your Belt

You can also clip the pepper spray can on your belt. Like with the fanny pack, never put the spray out in the open. Do your best to keep it hidden as mentioned above.

A tip for carrying pepper spray on your belt is to clip it upside down. You’ll find it easier to draw the can downwards from the belt. The upward motion is awkward, especially during dire situations.

Mind the positioning of the spray in its holster. It isn’t ideal for you to turn and reposition the can in your hand after drawing it. When you grab and draw the can, it should already be in the right position for immediate use.

Effects of Pepper Spray

Some describe the pain from getting pepper sprayed as a strong burning sensation. Most victims immediately fall on their knees on instinct. They’ll start rubbing their eyes, making it worse.

Be responsible since pepper spray also has a blinding effect. It’s best not to let your assailant fall downstairs or walk into traffic.

Pepper spray causes your attacker’s eyes to shut on instinct. You’ll sometimes need to pry eyelids open with your fingers. Don’t spray upwind or the spray will blow back on you.

If you get pepper spray on you, quickly rinse it off with cold water. An alternative is tearless baby shampoo to remove the oil.

Practice How to Carry Pepper Spray Today

Pepper spray is small and easy to use. However, practice the right way on how to carry pepper spray. Get the biggest, most practical, and convenient to carry.

Whether you’re clipping the spray in a purse or on a belt, prioritize rapid accessibility. Remember the tips we mentioned above. Practice drawing the can, raising it, and shooting in one fluid motion.

Did you find this article helpful? Read our other posts and learn more valuable tips and tricks soon.

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