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To fully enjoy a family vacation, you must first be efficient in the organization and management of your trips. Whether by plane, car, train, coach or boat, there are several golden rules for optimizing your transport schedule. Well prepared, seeing the country with your children has never been so pleasant. Here are 10 tips for better traveling with your little ones and tips for transportation.

  1. Find out about the services offered to families (check-in, boarding and delivery of priority baggage, special menus, games and films available on board).
  2. Before departure, get your children moving … until the last minute, and during the journey, offer them breaks, make them stretch (keep the umbrella stroller or baby carrier with you for less time).
  3. Bring a bag of provisions (snacks) also containing spouted glasses or gourds and wet wipes.
  4. Try to match the trips with the naps.
  5. Bring games and participate in interactive games.
  6. Have a change of clothes with you per person.
  7. Confirm your departure time (plane, train, boat) at least 24 hours in advance.
  8. Check your route before departure (especially if you take several types of transport) and bring a road map.
  9. Plan to leave earlier if you are going to a place for the first time, whether it is the airport, the train station, or the car rental agency.
  10. Be attentive to the needs of your children and stay together!

Airplane tips

To limit the stress of departure, plan to get to the airport 3 hours before take-off. Do not forget to consider the density of traffic along the way, the time it will take you to return a rental car or to find an airport where you are going for the first time … In short, have some comfortable leeway so you don’t miss your flight! Wait for the imminent take-off before making your children take the requested position, especially if they find it uncomfortable! Sometimes 30 minutes elapse between the first instruction and the time of take-off.

Car tips

Traveling by car allows you to set your own pace of movement in complete freedom, to offer yourself stops when the need arises, to stretch, change a diaper, have a picnic, visit an inviting park, branch off towards a welcoming village, or even admire a sublime landscape. Despite these undeniable advantages, long car trips can sometimes be real torture for family members … This is why parents must organize car trips while keeping in mind that the road is part of the trip.

While traveling by car provides you with an extra bit of flexibility, it also means extra responsibility in terms of safety. You need to make sure that your car is up to code with all the safety standards and when children are involved, you have the right children car seats in trucks, Suv’s or any other kind of vehicle you are traveling in.

Tips for the train

Taking the train is the most exciting experience for children and often less stressful than the plane for parents. Rail carriers also rely on an important asset: the panoramic views that children never tire of! Among the other advantages, let us note that in the train one is not confined to his seat and that it is possible to travel at night comfortably. Generally reliable and safe, the train is an excellent means of transportation for family travel.

Coach tips

Even with its advantages (service to the heart of cities, minimal cost of the trip, easy access), the coach remains probably the least suitable mode of transport for small children … That said, for short trips and getting around town, taking the bus is still practical and turns out to be a rewarding experience for them.

Tips for the boat

For families with sea legs, traveling by boat is more than just a mode of travel, it is an exciting excursion which, if the weather is nice, will certainly blow their minds. ! Well suited to family customers, boats and ferries generally house play areas and cinemas, changing rooms and canteens equipped with microwave ovens.

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Let’s Fly With UAE and Saudi Airlines



Israeli airline Air India was the first to use the new route from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi after receiving Saudi Arabia’s approval to do so. After receiving a waiver from the government, the carrier set up a direct flight from New Delhi to Tel Aviv. The new route cuts out the seven-hour journey in half, making the connection far more viable. But there’s more to the UAE-Saudi relationship than these two countries’ new routes.

For one thing, the Emirates re-launched services to Saudi Arabia tomorrow. It will be able to fly passengers to Riyadh, Jeddah, and Medina, among other cities. This move will also ease travel restrictions for citizens of Saudi Arabia. As long as Saudi Arabia is open to the idea of Israeli air travel, let’s fly! Now is a great time to check out these new airlines like flyin.

The new flights are a win-win situation for the Emirates and Saudi Airlines. The new flights will allow the airlines to use the airspace of other Arab nations. This will help both sides to gain more business. It’s also a win-win situation for Israel, as well. With Kushner on board, the process will go much smoother. It will allow Israeli airline EL AL to start flying to the UAE.

After the travel ban ends, the UAE and Saudi Airlines will resume flights to the Kingdom. This means that the UAE and Saudi citizens can once again travel to Saudi Arabia. They will also be able to travel from the UAE back to the country. The airlines will be able to fly from Riyadh to Jeddah on their A380 aircraft. They will also resume flights to Dammam and Medina three times a week. To get further details, visit this link

While the UAE has banned flights to Israel and Saudi Arabia, it is working to restore normality. The UAE has a normalization agreement with the country, and it is a major step toward peace. However, there are still some challenges. The two countries share airspace and this will lead to convoluted flight paths. If you’re a Saudi citizen, the airspace will be open to you again.

It will be possible for travelers to travel to the UAE and Saudi Arabia on their own. The airlines are willing to give passengers access to their airspace if they’re not in violation of the country’s airspace rules. The airline is also allowing flights to the emirates after the Qatar Airways ban was lifted. This means that Israel can now fly to the United States and the UAE. The decision is symbolic of normalization between the two countries.

It’s not clear whether the Saudis are ready to grant the UAE’s airline the right to fly in their airspace. The Gulf countries have made it clear that they do not want their airlines to use the airspace of neighboring countries. They’ve said that they will not allow Israelis to fly directly to the UAE. They can only do so if they’re allowed to fly in the airspace of another country.

In the past few years, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have had a turbulent relationship. Qatar Airways was denied airspace in the past but recently opened up its airspace to Israel. Its first flight to the country was a 737, which is the equivalent of an 8-inch-long car. After a year, the airlines have been making progress towards peace with the Palestinians and are now working to end the dispute.

The two airlines have been negotiating a way to make the airline’s flights more convenient for travelers. The airline has partnered with Israeli travel agencies in order to offer cheaper tickets. On Tuesday, the UAE ceased its economic boycott of Israel, which allowed Israelis to purchase and trade in its airspace. The decision is symbolic of normalizing relations between the two countries. The move was made in response to an Israeli government request.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Japan Radiation? The Answer May Surprise You




If you would like to travel to Japan at least once in your lifetime, you have been probably told by someone close that there are some significant risks, such as the language barriers, the differences in culture and, of course, the spread fear about the radiation caused by the Fukushima bomb. Having radiation in the environment is a justified reason to be extremely cautious, different from other kinds of issues and dangers, this particular one cannot be seen, tasten or otherwise be perceived by any of our 5 senses, probably the thing that scares most people about being exposed to increased amounts of radiation is unhealthy and can translate in a cause of cancer. 

Now, the million dollar question: is there any danger to face when it comes to Fukushima in Japan? In this article we will go all in about this important issue. So, read on and find out if you should ever plan a trip to this majestic country.

What the United Nations says

Even after facing huge historic events caused by nature affecting the Fukushima reactors, such as the Tohoku earthquake, a tsunami and the following meltdown in a part of these famous reactors, people continue to ask themselves and research about the impact that we currently face in regards to the radiation levels in this area. But to give you a short and clear answer we want to share the statement emitted by the United Nations organization, which back in 2014 talked about this issue. They made it clear that the doses of radiation to the general population are in general low or very low, which means that one can’t notice any increased risk of experiencing any adverse effects in our health, which are related to the radiation levels, furthermore, there is no evidence that this exposition could ever affect to our descendants. 

More about Japan

The statement from the United Nations, joined to many other studies surrounding the concerns to current radiation levels, debunk the myth that there are increased risks derived from Fukushima in Japan, which is great news for those travel lovers. Now, you must know that due to a matter of being extra careful, entry to a few regions near to the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP is not allowed to the general public. So, start planning your local tours and visit this fantastic local land.

Eating safely in Japan

By the time of the incident, there was contamination found in the food which was produced in the areas close to the radiation, since the ground had been affected as well as the ocean. In order to keep the food in safe conditions for the health of citizens and tourists, the government restricts the distribution as well as consumption of food that is harvested in the high risk areas, for example, by banning fishing in the area surrounding the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP. You can eat with peace of mind during your visit, as the Japanese authorities verified their rules about food safety, leading them to set up new restrictions on the permitted radioactivity levels in food.

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Air India’s Privatisation Edging over IndiGo, Deepak Talwar Shares his Views



Deepak Talwar

On October 8, 2021, Tata Son’s subsidiary Talace Private Limited won the bid for Air India at Rs. 18,000 crores, out of which Rs. 15,300 crores was the debt and Rs. 2,700 crores were paid in cash to the government. Therefore, Air India is all set for a rewired plot of its future and preparing to give strong competition to other airlines. Deepak Talwar, a seasoned market analyst and lobbyist, explains how Indian Aviation is about to see major changes with Tata Group taking over flag carrier Air India. He further elucidates what measures are being taken by Tata to make Air India worthy of onerous competition for IndiGo that has built a dominant position in the domestic airlines market. 

IndiGo CEO, Ronojoy Dutta comments at a CAPA event that he sees Tata and Air India as formidable competition but he welcomes them. He also says that in his opinion, they will become more economically responsible. On the statement of Dutta, Deepak Talwar comments, “With Air India returning to the hands of its previous owner Tata, it will have the advantage of a better diversity in its aircraft fleet.” He adds, “Tata is also a majority stakeholder in Vistara as well as budget airline AirAsia India, owning one more airline will definitely bring a paradigm shift in the current situation of IndiGo and its dominance on the Indian skies.” 

IndiGo, even after controlling more than half of the Indian domestic market, is smaller than Air India’s international operations. Additionally, the airline stands to benefit from the growth of passenger traffic. The experienced staff that Air India has is an experienced and reasonably healthy number of permanent employees. Already existing staff of Air India consist of 2,000 and more multiskilled pilots, maintenance engineers of aircraft, and other polished crew members. 

The airlines will be backend in terms of technology by TCS and Tata Advanced Systems, extending boarding passes on mobile phones, satellite telephony on both international and domestic routes, and multifarious initiatives enabling it to run prominently by the use of technology. Deepak Talwar mentions, “Now that the majority stakes of three carriers – Vistara, Air Asia, and Air India are under Tata group, collectively it will enjoy 25 per cent stakes of domestic market share.” 

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the sale and privatisation of Air India is an important milestone in the privatisation efforts of our country. With the airline fleeing into the private sector, the citizens of India, at large, are hoping that its operations and cost will be streamlined. “While for travellers the shift is a hopeful move, on the other hand, for the TATAs it’s an emotional one as it wins back its airline after a long period of 68 years,” says the expert. 

Air India is seen to be a long-term investment for TATAs, and potentially they will come up with an IPO in the coming five years. Ultimately, it is certain that the sale and privatisation of previously government-owned air carriers is good news for Indian investors as well as passengers. 

The newfangled version of Air India is already packed with strategies and plans that ensure cost-cutting. With the creation of JRD Tata, the airline is prepared under visionary leadership and professional management to give strong competition to IndiGo. 

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Places to visit near Mumbai for couples



It’s good to escape from the monotony sometimes. It’s okay to take a break from a 9-5 job. It’s perfectly acceptable to break the cycle of boredom. It’s okay to take a vacation. You might have searched a lot on where to visit in Mumbai. 

Are you hunting for a comforting place to visit with your better half? Well, if you are searching for some in Mumbai then the article is perfectly meant for you. Let’s see what places are waiting for you. All these places are located in proximity to Mumbai.

  • Matheran: This is one of the commonest places people decide to visit first. The sunset and surprise from this point, both are eye-soothing. The weather is pleasant. If you want to rejuvenate your soul, then you should definitely visit this place. This place is 80 kilometers away from Mumbai. You can visit this place any time of the year.
  • Lonavala: You must have heard the name. If you have not visited this place yet, what are you waiting for? This place is famous for the fort, caves, dams, and greenery. The lush green look can melt your heart. The ambiance and calm atmosphere will surely make you fall in love with this place. Lonavala is just 83 kilometers away from Mumbai. Well, you can visit this place anytime you want but in order to experience the actual magic of nature, you should pay a visit from June till September.
  • Alibaug: Peaceful, serene, and calming, this is how we can describe Alibaug. Are you a beach-loving person? Then you should not miss this place at any cost. Arabian sea is calling you after all. This is a beautiful coastal town. Alibaug is just 95 kilometers away from Mumbai. You already know the best time to visit a beach, it starts from October onwards. 

The places mentioned above are within 100 km. Here are some places which are at distant places.

  • Kolad: The place is peaceful and amicable. Well, if you want to witness something serene then this place is perfect for you. You can engage yourself in river rafting, trekking. Kolad is 121 km away from Mumbai.
  • Kashid: Alert for beach lovers, this place is again for you guys. You can walk for hours with your partner. The cozy environment will make you fall in love. Kashid is 125 km away from Mumbai.
  • Bhandardara: Hill station is here for you. You read that right. This is the ideal destination for you. The greenery and calmness can lower your stress and anxiety. You and your partner can go fishing, trekking, and so many other adventurous things. Bhandardara is 163 km away from Mumbai.

Final thoughts,

Every place has its own uniqueness and identity. These places will surely help you to escape from boredom and monotony. Book Mahabaleshwar Packages either you are a family or a couple, You can collect memories for a lifetime. Where ever you visit, make sure to visit the place on its peak season to witness the nature at its best. 

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A Simple Guide To Quickly Getting A Taxi At The Airport



Taxi At The Airport


Getting to the airport in time for your flight is stressful enough. Between checking out of a hotel, making sure you have everything packed, and finding the right gate, it’s pretty much a miracle if you don’t miss your flight. It’s hard to know what to take on as hand luggage and what can be checked in. And then there is the worry that you won’t get a taxi at the other end when you arrive at your destination! Getting a taxi from an airport can be quite a hassle. Making sure you get to your flight on time is already stressful enough and then having to wait around for someone to pick you up at the airport makes everything even more difficult. But, there are ways that you can work around these issues to make getting a cab much easier.

Why do you need a taxi at the airport?

Airports are busy places, and many of them don’t have well-maintained public transportation. But in an airport with a taxi service, you can relax knowing that a reliable driver will be there to meet you at your destination. Taxi services like this one don’t take reservations or make advance calls; they just wait for customers at the terminal curb. In fact, if you’re looking for a taxi service to get from the airport to your hotel or home. You need a taxi at the airport because you want to reach your destination quickly and safely. If you’re traveling by air, it’s likely that you have a certain time schedule to keep in mind. Unlike driving from one place to another using your own car, getting to and from the airport can be hectic especially if there is heavy traffic. When you need to go somewhere and don’t want to drive, a taxi ride is the best option. You can use your smartphone or any other device to get in touch with for an airport taxi service

The Importance of Airport Taxi Service

Airport taxi service plays a vital role in airport transportation. It is used to carry passengers from one place to another. They also provide various services such as shuttle, private ride, and chauffeur service. Airport taxi service is designed for travelers who arrive or depart at airports by plane. These taxis can be booked out of hours which makes them more special.

Airport taxi service is a vital component of the travel industry. It provides transportation from one airport to another. Airport taxis are not only suitable for long-distance journeys, but also for short distances. Most people tend to think that airport taxi services are not affordable; however, this is a misconception since they do provide economical rates.

The sole purpose of airport taxi service is to give comfort and safety to those who need it most, especially those who are traveling alone and unfamiliar with the area. Airport taxis are a great resource for anyone who finds themselves stuck at the airport without a car or doesn’t want to waste time waiting for an expensive cab. Airport taxi companies can be found all over the world and will pick you up in any city, no matter how large or obscure.


Airports are busy places and there are many people who want to get somewhere quickly. Airport transports can help you navigate the airport, find your way around, or take you straight to your destination once you have collected your luggage. Taxis and mini-buses will charge a flat rate that is pre-agreed at the time of booking – so there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises when you reach your destination!

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