MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

10 Reasons to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Studying abroad is a milestone and studying MBBS abroad is a great career option and just a beginning of the new life of many students. 

There are many top medical colleges in India that offer quality education and worldwide recognised medical degrees too, yet there are students who choose to study MBBS in foreign countries.

In this blog, I will drive you through the top 10 reasons that attract Indian students to study MBBS courses from abroad. 

Why Study MBBS abroad when there are top medical colleges in India too? 

No doubt, India has a heritage of culture, tradition and education. We have given this world some of the biggest solutions and inventions. Still, there is a vast world out which one needs to explore and gain knowledge.

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad?

Well, there are several reasons and conditions under which one need to choose this option. We are going to discuss them here. A few of the reasons to go for MBBS abroad are:

  1. World-Class Infrastructure
  2. No Donation for Admission
  3. Simple Eligibility Criteria
  4. International Exposure
  5. Low Tuition Fees
  6. Modern Equipments
  7. Scholarship Opportunities
  8. English Medium of Teaching
  9. Practical Exposure
  10. NMC Approved Medical Universities
  • The world-class infrastructure of the top foreign medical universities and institutions is one of the top reasons that attract Indian students to choose to study their medical degrees abroad. The infrastructure and the campus life provided by these universities is fabulous and open up a lot of opportunities for students.
  • No donation for admission is the rule of most medical universities abroad. Unlike here, they do not demand or ask for any kind of donation. Students can get admission easily only by paying the mentioned tuition fees.
  • Simple and flexible eligibility criteria offered by the foreign governments and medical councils to take admission to their medical universities make it easier to get that medical degree of your dreams. The basic eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS abroad need to clear the NEET, have 50% in PCB in 12th with English medium teaching.
  • International exposure that students get while studying MBBS in foreign medical colleges is beyond comparison to that you can get in India. There are students coming from all over the world to foreign medical universities. Everyone shares different experiences and gathers knowledge from different countries. Students even get opportunities to work in different countries and practice their medicine there, after completing MBBS from abroad.
  • Low tuition fee is one of the best advantages offered by the medical universities of other countries. There is a huge difference between the tuition fee of some of the expensive medical colleges in India and top medical universities abroad. One can complete the whole course abroad, in just one year’s tuition fees of Indian medical colleges.
  • Modern equipment availability and providing students with all the latest technologies for a better understanding make MBBS abroad pretty much attractive. Students get the knowledge with practical knowledge and instruments that make the study more fun and easy.
  • Scholarship Programs are one of the saviours for the parents and students that offer a chance to students to get their medical education either fully or partially free. There are many scholarship by  Waly programs offered by the universities and respective governments for students including Indian students to get help with tuition fees, hostel fee, and sometimes living costs too.
  • English Medium Teaching provided at the foreign universities is one of the main advantages to choose the MBBS abroad. This helps students to understand the course very well. There are other mediums of teaching as well, but students should keep in mind that only English medium teaching is valid in India.
  • Practical Exposure that students get while studying MBBS abroad is very useful for their future experiences. Students get to do internships in different hospitals affiliated with the foriegn universities. There are modern technologies and equipment used in the hospitals for treating the patients.
  • NMC approved medical universities that offer MBBS abroad are another attraction for students. There is no value of your medical degree in India unless the institute/university you are taking admission to is approved by the National Medical Commission of India. There are many NMC approved medical universities that offer MBBS abroad.

Thus the Indian students can choose to study MBBS abroad based on the above mentioned reasons. The medical degree awarded there is accepted worldwide, provided that the university must be approved and recognised by the known medical councils of respective countries. 

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