10 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Painting Company

10 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Painting Company

Having your home painted is an exciting time. It is also a time that goes well beyond choosing red and purple for your walls. Hiring professionals bring with it a host of questions that need to be asked. 

Before you hire that team, educate yourself on the company. Make sure that the painters are the best fit for your home.

Here is a list of 10 questions to ask your potential painting company. These questions will give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. 

1. Portfolios Are Helpful

Asking to see a painting company’s portfolio is not intrusive. These are the professionals who will be painting your home. It is natural to want to see the prior work they have done. 

Ask for samples of their past work. Be sure that what you see is what you want. The work they do is going to be what is on the walls of your own home. 

You need to be the ones who are comfortable with the outcome. Identify any questions you may when seeing their portfolio. 

2. Who Will Be Painting? 

You are opening up your home for this company to paint. Wanting to know who is going to be doing the job is acceptable. You should always ask the company about their team. 

Find out how long the workers have been part of the company. Look for any red flags that may strike you as being suspicious. This is your time to vet the potential painters. 

You want to be comfortable with who you’re letting inside of your house. Make sure the company is a reputable one. If anything strikes you as being incorrect you’re able to deny the company. 

3. Is Insurance Taken Care Of?

In the event of an emergency does the company have insurance. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects to enquire about. You don’t want to be responsible if an accident occurs in your home. 

Make sure that the reliable company you hire is responsible for their workers. Knowing that your painting company has insurance is as important as knowing the workers.

Make sure that their painting service provides ample protection. A company that takes care of its workers is respectable. 

4. How Important Is Safety?

Going right along with their insurance policy is their stance on safety. Not only do you want a company that is good at what they do. You want one that puts their safety first. 

One of the things you’ll want to find out is how careful they are. Be sure that the company has proper safety protocols. 

5. What Types of Paints Are Used?

The types of paint they’re using could be detrimental. If you have any allergies you will want to be sure they aren’t using anything that will cause a flare. 

Speak with the company directly. Inform them of any allergies you may have. This will prevent problems from arising after your walls have been painted. 

Your home improvement should not be a detriment to your health. 

6. References and Reviews 

Before you select a company, look into its history. Portfolios will only give you a perspective of a completed job. If you look at reviews and references it will give you an indication of ethics. 

Give yourself a clear indication of who you will be allowed in your home. Make sure that other clients have had positive experiences with the company. This is the best way to know who you’re dealing with. 

Companies such as Brushmastersxp.com give you a great indication of who will be working in your home. 

7. Warranty Policy 

You may also want to ask about their warranty policy. If anything is to go wrong directly after painting will they fix it with little to no cost?  Or will you have to hire someone else to come in? 

Asking this question is security you can count on. The last thing you want to do is find out you need to hire someone else for small details. 

Not every company will offer a warranty. This is why you should ask about the details before hiring them. Make sure your new paint job is covered. 

8. What Should Be Prepared?

Is there anything indoors that will block an interior painting job? Do you need to prepare the outdoors for exterior painting? These are the specifications that you need to ask about. 

This will help you to feel better about leaving your home in their hands. Providing them with adequate space to get their work done. You will also feel better about leaving your home and not coming back to a mess. 

Make a plan with the lead of the project. This way all parties involved know that the site is prepped and ready to go.

9. How Long Will It Take?

You might be antsy to have the project done. This would be a good time to ask the company when they project the space to be finished. The company should be able to give you a rough estimate on how long. 

Along with asking how long it will take in the long run, ask about the daily time too. Find out when the painters plan on working. Finding out their schedule will let you know how quickly things will be progressing. 

It also means you will be able to plan your day around when the paints will be in your home. Residential painting can be difficult when a home is occupied. 

10. Contact for Problems

One of the biggest things you want to do is ask who is in charge of troubleshooting. If you find problems you don’t want to be caught up with a runaround. Ask your team directly who to contact.

This will save you time if something occurs. Hold onto that number throughout the duration of the project. You will feel more comfortable if you have a set number to call. 

Choosing a Painting Company Is the Beginning

Make sure you’re ready for the process that painting entails. Get all of your questions out of the way. Give the painting company space to do their work. 

The end result will be everything you were hoping for. Painting requires time and perfection

Have more questions about how to handle your home? Or maybe lifestyle questions in general? We’re here to help with that. 

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