Wedding Venues London

10 Best Wedding Venues London

The diversity in London is endless and one way to take advantage of this amazing city. A wedding! There are so many different types of venues for your big day, from major landmarks like Westminster Abbey or Hampton Court Palace down to more intimate settings such as private gardens with stunning views. Here are 10 Asian-inspired weddings that would be perfect for your wedding photographer London to capture– you’ll get all the beauty without having too many expenses involved 🙂


Some of the most important decisions when it comes to planning a wedding are deciding where you want your ceremony and reception. If elegant settings with all amenities is what’s required, consider booking an experience at this luxurious hotel: The Fairmont Hotel in Windsor offers everything needed for a perfect day from stunning spaces that will be used during both events as well catering options available on site or close by! Plus experienced planners help take care of any detail so there isn’t need stressed out about anything except enjoying yourself while they handle EVERYTHING else – making these celebrations truly memorable ones.


When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many things that need careful consideration. One decision you’ll have to make is where the event will take place; if looking for an elegant and luxurious setting then consider The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane as they offer both! With its magnificent ballroom which has stunning views over Hyde Park alongside other gorgeous features such as their Asian themed restaurant (which offers excellent cuisine), this venue should be at top of your list when searching through available areas in London- so much so that we’re sure any bride would love having her big day here any way possible even though everything isn’t strictly formalized yet due what might happen next…


There’s no better place to have your wedding than the Natural History Museum! From its ornate architecture and dizzying variety of exhibits, this museum will make sure that you and all guests get excited about life. Whether it be dinosaurs or butterflies that interest you most – there’ll always be something new here for anyone who walks through those doors (and can Party!). So, if unforgettable memories are what really matter then look no further because we’ve got just enough space inside our building so as not to interrupt any other important work going on outside…


ONE Marylebone is the perfect venue for an Asian-themed wedding. With its majestic entrance and contemporary design, it will surely wow your guests! Not to mention that ONE’s team are incredibly accommodating–they’ll go out of their way to make sure you have a day filled with happiness instead of blissful moments. If gorgeous surroundings are what YOU desire, then look no further than this incredible property in London town where beauty surrounds every corner…

Hilton, Park Lane

What’s the best way to celebrate an important occasion? With Hilton Park Lane, you can choose from elegant event spaces and luxurious rooms. This iconic hotel in Mayfair offers something for everyone – whether it be intimate gatherings or grand affairs! And with their experienced planners on hand who will make sure everything goes smoothly; weddings at this venue have been known not only to create dreams(full)but also satisfy them too!


Hedsor House is a stunning location for your Asian wedding. With its ornate architecture and beautiful gardens, this iconic English country house provides the perfect setting to make memories that will last forever! You can also enjoy all of these festivities in one place with various luxurious accommodation options available on site – it’s not too early or late either since there are plenty more days left until you decide when everything should take place. For those looking forward to having an elegant affair on their special day while being surrounded by lush greenery rather than city streets overwhelmed by traffic fumes?

Fitzroy Hotel London

When it comes time to plan your dream wedding, consider the breath-taking views and luxurious amenities of this incredible hotel. The Fitzroy offers a perfect setting for any event with beautiful rooms that will make you feel like royalty on one side while offering an elegant atmosphere on another! Plus, its location near some of London’s most popular attractions makes out-of-town guests incredibly happy too; meaning they won’t want to leave either after their stay at such prestigious accommodations

As if all these fantastic features weren’t enough already… There are also more exciting things waiting just around every corner.

Grosvenor House London

Want an Asian wedding with the most lavish and extravagant decor? London’s Grosvenor House is where you should hold your big day. With its ornate ceilings, period features for hire on offer from award-winning catering company, there really isn’t any other place that can compete! So why not get in touch today? We’ll help make sure everything goes smoothly at our hotel which will be transformed into one spectacular setting of luxury. Get ready because soon enough people around town may start saying “what a blast FROM THE past!”

Grand Connaught rooms

There’s no better place to host your Asian wedding than the Grand Connaught Rooms. With its gorgeous architecture and exquisite décor, this Victorian building will impress guests with every step they take on-site! You can also enjoy beautiful views from inside or outside while planning out that special day ahead of time – knowing everything has been planned just right for you makes all those moments worth living through even more.

A true symbol England’s rich history as well as an elegant icon today; The Grand Connaught Rooms are beautifully with what is important at any occasion: creating memories which last forever.

Syon house London

What are the perfect words to describe this gorgeous venue? Elegant and serene, with a choice of settings that would suit any wedding style. In southwest London lies one-of-a-kind Syon House; home to gardens or Great Hall – whichever you prefer! So why don’t we take a closer look at its wealth today?! You won’t be disappointed!!

London is a great place to have an Asian wedding. The city has many different venues that are perfect for hosting the ceremony and reception, including hotels with ballrooms or banquet halls, churches if you’re looking for something religious, as well as other options like botanical gardens where you can get married outdoors in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. With so many choices available it may be difficult to decide which venue suites your needs best, but there are plenty of resources online that will help make this decision easier. Whether you want somewhere traditional or modern we pointed you in the right direction!

All the venues are amazing to capture your big day! Any wedding photographer London will be able to capture some amazing images at these wedding venues.