10 Best Mother’s Day Celebration Activities to Make Her Feel Special

Mother’s Day is a day to honor the women who raised us! It’s that one day every child can utilize fully to express their gratitude for their mothers for all the sacrifices that they make every day. 

Small efforts like offering them their favorite flowers, treating them with a cup of tea or coffee, or simply spending some time with them on this day can express your love towards your mothers. 

But if you want to make this day even more surprising & special for you mum, here we have listed 10 celebration activities you can do on Mother’s Day to make this day memorable for them. 

Here we go!

  1. Plan a Family Movie Night Together 

Choose a movie, set the ambience, grab some popcorns and wohoo! You can have a great family time laughing and crying together. Click pictures of your family members in their funniest or weirdest expressions. Choose any of your mom’s favorite movies or any classic Mother’s Day movies and she would never forget this day!

  1. Invite Your Mommy Besties 

Invite your mom’s best friends to your place and plan a small get together for all the ladies. Treat them with some snacks and drinks. While your mom will have a great time with her buddies, all the ladies will get a chance to celebrate the special day together. 

  1. Plan a Treasure Hunt for Her

You don’t need any explanation for this!

Tip: Gift her a beautiful dress or a watch and make it the “Treasure” in the fun game.

  1. Surprise Her With a Home Spa Treat

As a mother, all women make a lot of effort on a daily basis. And amid all the day-to-day hustle, they often forget to pamper themselves. So, why not utilize this special day to treat her with an at-home spa? You can call in the professionals or organize a DIY! The purpose is to make her feel relaxed. 

  1. Gift Her a Video of Wishes

You can gift your mom a video full of wishes and lovely messages from your relatives, cousins, grandparents, and even your mom’s friends. There are several good video maker tools out there that can help you create a Mother’s Day wishes video. And these are usually simple to use. Bring all your family and loved ones together and take her on a walk down memory with your childhood memories. Express your love and gratitude towards her with your loving words. 

  1. Organize Her Room

Give her some break by organizing her room (you can even do the entire household cleaning if you have got the time). Make her bed, organize her closet, tiden-up her room so that she doesn’t have to worry about or waste her special day doing the routine chores. 

  1. Cook Her Something She Loves

Do you know your mother’s favorite dish? What is it that she craves often but can’t cook for herself amid her busy schedule? Simply open YouTube, look for the recipe, fetch the raw material and become your mom’s chef for the day! Cook her favorite dish for her and set the dinner table ready! She will definitely love it (or appreciate the efforts, in case the cooking goes wrong!)

  1. Make Her Shop Her Favorites

How about spending a day on a shopping spree buying things she loves? We all know mums are good at ignoring their own needs. So, taking her for shopping can be a perfect way to celebrate this special day. Head to her preferred store or visit your local market. Help her pick out something special, be it jewelry, clothes, daily utilities or home décor. 

  1. Write a Love Letter 

Yes! Your mum deserves a love letter, too. Pour all the love you have for her on a piece of paper & give it on the dining table or put it by her pillow before she wakes up. Just imagine her smiling face when she receives your love as the first in the morning, that too, in a way she would never guess. 

  1. Dress Her Look Like a QUEEN

Though she already is, help her get dressed well and look like a queen in her favorite gown or whatever attire she feels comfortable in. Put some blush on her cheeks, give an eye makeover, put on some accessories and give her a pretty look. Help her flaunt on her special day. 

The Final Say 

Little Efforts count! Try out these amazing fun activities and surely your mom will love it. All of the above tips won’t cost you much but will make your mother feel extremely special and happy. Also, if you have your own ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day, feel free to share with us and the readers.

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