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10 Alternatives to Social Media Censorship at Work



Unfortunately, there are very few conclusive studies of social media’s impact on employee productivity. Of the studies that do exist, they often find mixed results. The most frequently cited study, which was conducted by Nucleus Research in 2009, found a 1.47% loss in employee productivity. This study, which was based on a very small sample of employees (i.e., 237 randomly selected office employees) has led many managers and consultants to conclude that organizations should limit or ban access to social networking sites.

Twitter censorship, however, may not be the best-and it is certainly not the ONLY-alternative to managing social media use in the workplace. In fact, social media censorship may have a more adverse impact on employee engagement and productivity.

The Business Case for Permitting Access

Employees are motivated by doing meaningful work, having autonomy over their work, and having access to the supportive relationships and resources that they need to succeed. Social media censorship chips away at autonomy, which drives employee engagement. Limiting or banning access sends a clear message to employees: “You are not responsible enough to manage your work-life and your personal-life.”

What happens when employers send this message? Distrust, resentment, and resistance (e.g., sneaking outside with the smokers to update their profile status on their iPhone). These acts of resistance may be more costly than a mere 1.47% decrease in employee productivity.

By permitting responsible access, your organization can build trusting relationships with employees, keep morale positive, and leverage the strategic business opportunities.

Turning Social Media Use into a Strategic Business Opportunity

Here some ideas for helping you think about the strategic use of these communication channels.

1. Depending on your organizational culture, access could be an integral part of your employee communications strategy.

2. People are talking about your company whether you like it or not. Why not allow engaged employees to become advocates for your brand.

3. Leverage your employees’ personal networks by posting useful information on a corporate blog, Facebook updates, and/or contests to create public interest in your company.

4. Promote employee engagement by gathering feedback from employees or crowdsourcing complex problems out to employees.

10 Alternatives to Censorship

If the risks of censorship outweigh the potential gains, what should you do to manage employee use?

1. Measure the impact of use on employee engagement and productivity by working with a research Twitter condemnation.

2. Design a mission-driven ethical use policy using the metrics and data from #1.

3. Incorporate social media into your HR or communication strategy.

4. Monitor online conversations about your brand by searching platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Youtube, LinkedIn and Bebo.

5. Conduct stakeholder interviews and focus groups with employees to learn more about employee use.

6. Analyze employee performance and Facebook trends by correlating IT metrics and measures of employee engagement and productivity.

7. Leverage your company’s Facebook profile to start positive conversations about your employees, customers, products, and services.

8. Engage employees “where they are at” instead of trying to force them to “play your game.”

9. Learn more about the differences between “heavy” users and “average” users in your organization. What differences exist between these groups? How might you be able to leverage these differences?

10. Plan for more open access to information, not less. The world is flatter, more participative, and boundaries are more permeable than ever before. Those who accept this and learn how to work with these communication dynamics will be at the forefront of leveraging social media use at work.

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Signs That You Have a Leak in Your Basement



Finding leaks can be tricky. There isn’t always a large puddle of water or loud dripping sound that can lead you directly to the problem. Sometimes the signs are a little harder to see.

Find out what some of the signs of basement leaks are. When you spot them, you’ll know something is wrong right away.

How to Fix a Leaky Basement:

Before you read the signs of basement leaks, you should learn what to do when you find them. The first thing that you should do is call up professionals that offer basement waterproofing services. These experts can fix a leaky basement by patching up cracks in the foundation, adding vapour barriers behind walls and repairing broken plumbing. Their services can stop leaks coming from inside and outside of the basement. So, you can rest assured that it will stay dry all year long.

Now that you know who to contact to fix your basement, you should learn about how to spot hidden leaks. Here are some of the signs:


Mould thrives in damp indoor spaces, which makes leaky basements the perfect environment for the fungus to grow.

If you start to notice patches growing on your walls, ceilings or carpets in your basement, you need to act fast and clean up the mould before it has a negative effect on your health. But cleaning it off isn’t enough. You need to deal with the source of the moisture, or the mould is going to come right back.


Follow your nose when you walk into your basement. Does it smell musty? Do you catch a whiff of mildew when you sit on the furniture or use the bathroom towels? Does the air feel heavy and damp? These are all clues that there is too much moisture in this space.

Peeling Paint

The signs could be written on the walls. If you see peeling or flaking paint on your walls, then there might be too much moisture in the area. Humidity and condensation can build up under the coating and force it to chip. And if there is mould growing on the wall under the coating, that growth can also build up under the coating, making it flake and peel.

Peeling Wallpaper

The same problem can happen with wallpaper. Peeling, drooping and bubbling are all signs that your wallpaper is dealing with too much moisture build-up. Stains and discolouration are also clues that something is wrong.


The exposed metal objects in your basement appear to be developing a coating of rust. You can see it around fuse boxes, nails, bolts and furniture. Rusting happens in areas with high levels of moisture.


What is efflorescence? It’s a white powdery residue that you can find on concrete, stone and brick. The residue tends to grow in moist environments, so if your basement has exposed concrete and you see signs of efflorescence, there might be a leak nearby.

Leaks always leave clues, although they might not be obvious to the untrained eye. Learning all of the clues that they could leave will help you catch the problem right away.  

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Drive Through All Seasons in Style and Safety in a Ford EcoSport




Canadian winters are the time for skating on the pond or local rink, tobogganing, and other fun seasonal activities. However, slippery roads don’t exactly beckon drivers to hit the streets.

Life doesn’t stop because of the weather, so it’s crucial to drive a vehicle that can handle any conditions. The Ford EcoSport is a crossover SUV with impressive safety features, available intelligent 4WD, and an advanced infotainment system.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Ford EcoSport such a special vehicle.

Reliable 4WD

The Ford EcoSport is available with intelligent 4WD that gives you added confidence behind the wheel. No matter what the road throws at you in any season, the EcoSport can safely get to the other side.

You’ll really appreciate the added stability when conditions are bad. The standard 2.0l Ti –VCT Engine provides a peppy drive with the muscle to get you out of a snowbank if necessary. It might be a compact SUV, but it has strength under the hood. To get a deal on a Ford that you’ll love driving for years, visit your local dealership.

Advanced Safety Tech

In the Ford EcoSport, drivers have something even better than eyes in the back of their heads. The Blind Spot Information System alerts drivers to other vehicles on the road in places they struggle to see with an indicator light in the appropriate side-view mirror.

Cross-Traffic Alert uses radars to scan for vehicles or objects behind you so that you can back out safely and confidently from parking spots or driveways. Hear and see alerts to keep you aware of your surroundings.

Infotainment and Sophisticated Features

People spend a lot of time in their cars, so it’s important that they’re able to easily stay connected to friends and family and to the internet in general. Whether it’s to help navigate or listen to music, accessing the internet safely behind the wheel is easy when you’re in the Ford EcoSport.

The available in-vehicle touchscreen with voice-activated technology lets drivers keep plugged in without taking their eyes off the road.The SYNC 3 system makes using the internet feel natural and effortless.

In 2021, vehicles can do all kinds of things that never would have occurred to driversto expect even just a few years ago. For example, drivers can also remotely start their vehicle and even schedule recurring start times through the FordPass Connect.

Find your parked car, check the odometer, and lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. Finally, the vehicle itself is a Wi-Fi Hotspot that can connect ten devices to the internet. You’ll love having this feature on long drives, where passengers can stream movies without using up data.

The Ford EcoSport is a spunky, spirited vehicle that combines ruggedness with a fun design and smart features. It’s a delicate balance of practicality and indulgent pleasures, all at an affordable price. The Ford EcoSport ticks so many boxes that it should be a top consideration for anybody looking for a new vehicle.

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As a Homeowner, You Should Avoid These Mistakes with Your Asphalt Driveway




As a homeowner, you must take care of your asphalt driveway to improve its longevity and enhance its looks. Your asphalt surface can look new and last for over two decades with the right care. However, if treated poorly, your driveway will need to be replaced much sooner.That’s why you must avoid the following mistakes:

#1 Don’t Use the Wrong Tools

Always clean your driveway with gentle tools. Avoid using a metal brush for your driveway, as the metal strands can break into the surface and result in issues later. Likewise, use a mild cleaning solution and avoid abrasive chemicals.

#2 Clean Carefully in the Winter

If you live in a cold climate, then snow can undoubtedly be a nuisance during the winter. Snow and frost can cover your driveway and make it challenging to walk or drive your car. Here, it’s a good idea to use de-icing salt sparingly.

While de-icing salt can quickly clear the ice and snow and make it safer to walk, over time, it can significantly reduce the lifespan of your driveway. Use de-icing salt only when you need to; experiment with other, gentler options instead.

  • Snowblowers: Although snow blowers can be pricey, they’re kinderto your driveway than de-icing salt and blow away the snow quickly and safely. What’s more, they can be fun!
  • Kitty Littler: Kitty litter is surprisingly effective at adding traction. On a light snow day, add some of it to make it safer for foot traffic.
  • Sand: Like kitty litter, sand adds traction. What’s more, sand also melts the snow. Although a bag of sand is a safer option than de-icing salt, many homeowners avoid it because it can make the area muddy after the snow melts.
  • Calcium Chloride: If you’re looking for an alternative to de-icing salt, you can try calcium chloride for a slightly gentler alternative. However, keep in mind that calcium chloride can be significantly more expensive.

When cleaning your driveway, use metal shovels and icepicks carefully, as these tools can also damage your asphalt surface. Only use them when necessary and try plastic shovels or shovels with rubber tips on lighter snow days.

#3 Don’t Ignore Your Asphalt Care Team

It’s a good idea to have your asphalt driveway maintained by an asphalt care team. Always hire a local business trusted in your community that has decades of experience. For example, you can try Seal-A-Drive because they are asphalt experts, serve many homeowners and businesses, offer excellent customer service, and use only premium tools and products.

This contractor will sealcoat your driveway and even repair cracks, potholes, drainage issues, and other problems.

What’s more, they’re honest. Please avoid untrustworthy contractors or amateurs who don’t even have websites because such contractors are known to run scams and steal your hard-earned cash. The wrong contractor may disappear after accepting a down payment to repair or maintain your asphalt driveway.

You must avoid these three critical mistakes if you have an asphalt driveway. With the right tools, habits, and professional help, you can ensure that your asphalt driveway looks great and lasts a long time.

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3 Signs That You Take Security Seriously



5 Essential Data Protection Tips Every Company Needs to Follow

In an increasingly unsafe world where cybercriminals and petty thieves are growing bolder by the day, it’s critical for every family to have a security expert who can take the right precautions and guide others. Here are a few signs that you’re the security expert in your family:

You Keep Up with The Latest News

A sure sign that you’re a security expert is that you keep up with the latest security news by visiting safety platforms like Security Picks — where you keep up with thenewest information on the following subjects:

  • Home Security: You know about the top solutions in home security, such as security cameras, door locks, alarm systems etc. You know how to secure a house or an apartment with sophisticated yet easy-to-install devices.
  • Safety: You know how to keep vulnerable members of your family, such as your children, parents, and pets, safe with the best procedures and tools. For example, you understand the value of using a gun safe for kids, a medical alert bracelet for the elderly, and a two-way camera for the mental health of your pets.
  • Financial Security: To keep your loved ones safe from credit card fraud, identity theft, and other financial crimes, you know all the best precautions to take.
  • Online Security: You insist that your family set sophisticated passwords, use top cybersecurity software, and avoid oversharing information on social media.
  • Counter Surveillance: You value your family’s privacy by using counter-surveillance techniques to stay one step ahead of big brother, hackers, and businesses.
  • Business Security: You secure your work data online and offline with the right devices and tools.
  • Vehicle Security: Not only do you keep your family vehicles safe with the right cameras, alarm systems, and other devices, but you know how to use a GPS tracker in the unlikely event that your car is stolen.

You Know Home Security Is About More Than Just Fancy Devices

Sure, you have an intelligent security system in your home, but you know home security is about more than fancy devices. For example, you use a strong password for your router to stop hackers from breaking into your security system. Likewise, you ensure that your garage door is locked when you leave.

When travelling, you leave a light on and ask a trusted neighbour to collect your mail because you don’t want to leave signs of an empty home.

You Understand the Latest Online Threats

While you use the best cybersecurity software to keep computer viruses and worms at bay, you understand that new online threats are far worse than conventional ones. For example, you know that stalkers and predators can use spyware and stalkerware to keep tabs on vulnerable members of your family.

You also train your family members to avoid fraudulent websites and phishing attacks on email, text, and social media designed to breach their security and privacy. In addition, you use the latest anti-ransomware tools to avoid losing control of your precious data.

These are just some of the signs that you’re a security expert. If you keep up with the latest security news, use the best tools, and stay proactive, then you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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5 Ways You Can Use a Temporary Fence




Good fences make good neighbours” is a line from a popular Robert Frost poem. What it comes down to is some situations will be better with boundaries. This is true for your commercial and residential areas as well. Sometimes you just need a good fence.

We’ve all seen those types of fence barriers at music concerts, parades, or even sports events. But have you given some thought to just how versatile these temporary fences can be?  Fortunately, temporary fencing hire makes it easy to create the barriers you need for any interim period.

Since they’re so easy to set up, these fences can serve as a cheaper alternative to their permanent counterparts. Temporary fences can be used temporarily for crowd control, public safety and even theft deterrence. They make for a much easier solution than erecting fences. Do you or your company need this?

Different Uses for Temporary Fences

If you think temporary fencing is only used at construction sites or music festivals, you might be missing out. Temporary fencing can be used for a few different reasons other than the ordinary.

Some of these applications might make some of your events more convenient. Let’s have a look at some useful ways you could benefit from using a temporary fence.

Construction Sites

The most common places you might have seen temporary fencing is around construction sites. Often called “construction hoarding”, temporary fences serve to keep unauthorised people out ofdesignated areas.

Not only do the fences keep nosy intruders at bay, but they also serve as some protection to the equipment and building materials stored on site. These types of fences can be easily erected, moved aroundto where you need them and taken downonce the project is complete.

This resource saves the construction company the cost of putting up a permanent fence for a short period. If the fencing is owned by the company in question, they can simply take it down when done and erect it at the next site.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events such as music festivals, sports events and yard sales could benefit from the use of temporary fences. These fences serve as an indication of which areas are open to the public.

They also serve as methods of crowd control. Fences can be used to form passages leading visitors around the venue. You can create some order when people are leaving a venue so there isn’t extensive pushing and shoving.

Kiddies Birthday Parties

Are you thinking of having a kid’s birthday party at your home? One of the hurdles you’re facing might be keeping all those excited children organised in one area instead of running across the whole premises.One option is definitely to make use of some temporary fencing.

Since these fences are easy to put up, it’ll be easy for you to protect areas you don’t want little feet intruding in. This includes your precious rose garden or the pool. You could even use the fencing to form a giant square that identifies the designated play area.

Keeping Pets Away from Guests

If you’re having a function at your home, what do you do with your less-than-social pets? Instead of locking them in a room in the house, or even the garage where they’ll be hot and frustrated, consider a temporary fence.

Temporary fences can be used to cordon off a section in the back of your property. This will allow your pets to see you and not be frustrated at being locked in a hot and stuffy house.

Baby Gates

Temporary fences can be used indoorsas well and serve as baby gates. Typically, baby gates keep your little ones from going downstairs or playing in areas that aren’t safe. You can also place these temporary fences in front of fireplaces or open doors.

Since your baby won’t stay small for long, you might not want to invest money in buying a baby gate. This makes hiring a temporary gate the perfect idea.

Benefits of Using Temporary Fencing

Some of the benefits of using a good quality temporary fence include:

  • Temporary fences are affordable and made of durable materials
  • It’s possible to hire temporary fences for as long as needed
  • They’re available in different sizes
  • They can be easily installed and taken down when necessary
  • They’re easy to move from one job site to another
  • The fences are versatile and relevant to many industries:
  • City workers can use them as barriers around manholes
  • Farm workers can use them to keep animals in one area during grazing
  • Event planners can create private areas in a public place
  • Contractors can keep pets away from work areas on private properties


There are many innovative ways to use temporary fencing. Not only can they be used for business purposes, but they can also be used at home to keep your pets and children safe. The big advantage is that temporary fencing can easily be hired. Different sizes are available to suit each of your specific needs!

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