UGC NET 2021 Exam

1 Month Study Plan for UGC NET 2021 Exam

The University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test or UGC NET 2021 to be conducted by the NTA through the dates of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 17 May 2021for December 2020. Through the exam, candidates for the Junior Research Fellowship, as well as Assistant Professor, are selected.

UGC NET 2021 is one of the most sought-after teacher recruitment examinations in the country. In this article, we will provide you with a carefully constructed UGC NET study plan. Further, as offline means are reduced, we will also strategies for your UGC NET preparation online.

UGC NET 2021: Exam Pattern

The UGC NET 2021 exam comprises two papers as mentioned below. The marking scheme is +2 marks for a correct answer with no penalty for incorrect answers. Both the papers will be of 3 hours each and will take place on the same day itself.

S.No.PaperNo. of QuestionsMarks
1.Paper 1 [Teaching/Research Aptitude]50100
2.Paper 2 [Optional Subject100200

UGC NET Study Plan

Given below is a carefully curated UGC NET study plan. To get the most out of it, always have the latest UGC NET preparation material as the syllabus changed in 2019. Further, make sure to use UGC NET preparation online resources like mock tests, practice sets, refreshers, quizzes, etc. In the given plan, we have taken ‘Commerce’ as a subject of Paper 2.

Week 1Paper 1 Teaching Aptitude [Nature of teaching, Factors, Teaching Methods, Evaluation Systems, etc.] Research Aptitude [Definition, Characteristics, Types, etc.] Reading Comprehension Communication [Nature, Types, Characteristics, Barriers, etc.]Paper 2 Business Environment & International Business [Concept, Monetary & Fiscal Policy, India’s Foreign Policy, Consumer Protection Act, IMF, etc.] Accounting & Auditing [Accounting Principles, Costing, Financial Statement Analysis, Human resource accounting, Auditing, etc.] Business Economics [Demand Analysis, Consumer Behaviour, Price Determination, Price Discrimination, etc.]
By End of Week 11 Paper 1 + 1 Paper 2 Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 2Paper 1 Reasoning [Coding-Decoding, Arithmetic, Algebra, Series, etc.] Logical Reasoning [Statements, Word Analogy, Venn Diagrams, Analytical Reasoning, etc.] Data Interpretation [Nature, Sources, Types, Graphical Representation  of Data, etc.]  Paper 2 Business Finance [Scope & Sources of Finance, Working Capital Management, Capital Structure, Risk & return Analysis, etc.] Business Statistics & Research Methods [Mean, median, mode, measures of Dispersion, Probability, Sampling & Estimation, Data Collection & testing, Hypothesis testing, etc.]
By End of Week 21 Paper 1 + 1 Paper 2 Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 3Paper 1 Information and Communication Technology [ICT meaning, Uses, Advantages, etc.] People & Environment [Pollution, Pollutants, Climate Change, Nature Hazards, Energy Resources, etc.]  Paper 2 Business management & Human Resources Management [Principles & Functions of Management, Motivation & leadership, Organisational Structure, Personality, Collective bargaining, etc.] Banking & Financial Institutions [Financial Markets, Reserve bank of India, Insurance, Internet Banking, etc.] Marketing Management [Marketing, products, Consumer Buying Process, Social marketing, Marketing Channels, etc.]
By End of Week 31 Paper 1 + 1 Paper 2 Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 4Higher Education System: Governance, Policy & Administration [Institutions of Higher Learning, Formal & Distance Education, Technical/Professional Education, Value Education, etc.]Legal Aspects of Business [Companies Act 2013, GST Act, RTI Act 2005, etc.] Income Tax & Corporate Tax Planning [Computing of Taxation, Corporate Tax Planning, Tax avoidance, etc.]
By End of Week 4Attempt at least 1 mock test only until Day 3rd of Week 4 from the latest UGC NET preparation material. Assess your answers, correct your mistakes and prepare last-minute strategies. Don’t attempt mock tests after that.In the last week, always time yourself so that you can manage your time.Refresh crucial formulae and shortcuts from UGC NET preparation online tools.Do not dive into topics you haven’t touched.
Exam Day [Best of Luck]

UGC NET 2021: Tips

  • Use the above UGC NET Study Plan as flexibly as you can. Shift sections you are comfortable with at the beginning of the study plan and get done with it earlier. Make sure you are reviewing your performance on the mock and practice sets.
  • Time Management: There are 150 questions to be completed in 180 minutes. This comes out to 72 seconds per question. As Paper 1 is comparatively straightforward, try to get done with it earlier and save time for Paper 2. This is quite demanding in terms of accuracy, speed and efficiency. If you are struggling, mark it for revision and skip on to the next one. Come back to it later.
  • Include as many creative and innovative learning techniques as you can to memorize formulae and strategies. This includes flow charts, puzzles, mind maps, diagrams, quizzes, etc. which go a long way in improving your memory, retention and recall skills.
  • Revision: Leave 10-15 minutes in the end for revision, revisiting tough questions, calculations and other small tasks. This is crucial as it may end saving 4-5 marks. Also, see that you have marked correctly on the screen.
  • For Paper 2 preparation, go for handwritten notes by top faculties at Gradeup instead of common UGC NET preparation material as the exam tests your in-depth knowledge and grasp over the subject. For Paper 1, Oxford’s Harpreet Kaur NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF book is highly advised. Refer to NCERT books of your subject as well.
  • Refer to Gradeup lectures, online tutorials and videos for in-depth analysis. Also, take the online mock tests& feedback sessions, and more. Read articles and essays from internationally peer-reviewed journals as well.

The most important tip we can give is that you must have faith in yourself. Be confident, don’t panic and give your best.

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